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If you’re looking for doctor-supervised weight management, then contact us right away! Flexible / same-day appointments for medical tourists & vacationers. 

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Come to Costa Rica for Medical Weight Loss

Welcome to our weight loss program in Costa Rica. Our programs are designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and effective manner. We understand that weight loss can be a challenging journey, but with our expert guidance and support, we can help you reach your ideal weight and improve your overall health and wellness.

Our program is led by a team of experienced medical professionals who specialize in weight loss, treatment protocols, and nutrition. We offer a range of personalized programs that are tailored to your individual needs, goals, and medical history. Our weight loss programs are based on the latest research and proven techniques to help you lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

At our weight loss center in Costa Rica, we offer a range of services that can help you achieve your goals, including:

  • Comprehensive medical assessments evaluate your overall health and identify any underlying medical conditions that may be affecting your weight.
  • Weight Loss Treatment(s) you can return home with at 1/3 the cost of what similar treatments cost in the United States and Canada. 
  • Customized meal plans and nutrition coaching to help you make healthier food choices and achieve a balanced, sustainable diet.
  • Behavioral counseling and support to help you overcome any emotional or psychological barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals
  • Regular check-ins with our team to track your progress, adjust your program as needed, and ensure that you stay on track to reach your goals.

Our weight loss center is located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, which provides the perfect medical tourism backdrop for your weight loss journey. Many hotels near our facilities offer serene and tranquil settings designed to help you relax and focus on your health and wellness. 

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight and improve your health, our weight loss program in Costa Rica is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and schedule a consultation with one of our medical weight loss specialists. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall well-being.

Dr. Jeff Ugalde, MD

Dr. Ugalde is a dual Costa Rican / US Citizen with 20+ years of practicing medicine. He has been doing weight loss and helping people improve metabolic function since 2013. 

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Conveniently located near Multiplaza Mall Escazú.

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