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Since 2013, the Age Metrics Medical Team has delivered medical tourism services to thousands of tourists visiting Costa Rica. 

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Ozempic Semaglutide Weight Loss Injection


Ozempic / Wegovy / Semaglutide are all the same medications. Each is used for weight loss purposes and blood sugar control.

Saxenda Weight Loss injection Costa Rica

Saxenda Liraglutide

Saxenda is a once daily injection. It works similarly to Semaglutide for weight loss. It is a GLP-1 mimetic.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is another treatment that helps significantly with body composition. It develops muscle tone while reducing fat.

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Costa Rica Weight Loss Coaching

Besides providing with you a medically supervised weight loss program, we can also enlist the help of local nutritionists. They can help provide meal planning and help with tips during plateau periods while on your weight loss journey. 

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We offer a variety of age management services in addition to weight loss. Learn more about us at our other websites. 

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